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SteamScrubber Glassware Washers

SteamScrubber Glassware Washers SteamScrubber Glassware Washers are designed to wash and dry general purpose labware. They have stainless steel top and bottom racks that accommodate basket inserts for a wide variety of glassware shapes and sizes primarily beakers and other wide-mouth glassware. Specialized inserts for BOD bottles petri dishes culture tubes and small utensils enhance the SteamScrubber's versatility. In addition the SteamScrubber accommodates Upper and Lower Spindle Racks. which are Additional racks and basket inserts are sold separately, .

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SteamScrubber Freestanding Glassware Washer

SteamScrubber Undercounter Glassware Washer
SteamScrubber Glassware Washers

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